Matthew Howell is an American web generalist and–sometimes–other kind of person.

Hello 👋 from Delaware Philadelphia Manhattan Queens Bangkok Minnesota Philadelphia (again) New Jersey–checks notes–Auckland.

My name is Matthew and you are reading the /about page of my personal website, on the beautiful, miraculous World Wide Web.

About Matthew

Since 2005 or so, it has been my great professional privilege to work on and around the Web. That work has shaped my career, as well as my worldview: I am a believer in the Web and everything that it could be.

When gently prodded to describe myself, I'll reach for the term web generalist and I approach my work from that perspective: primarily interested in the Web and its core technologies. Most often, that work has been development, but it has also included design, teaching, and writing.

I am here, trying my best, to make nice websites for everyone.

Today, I do that work at Reasonable Company, my little, values-led design and creative practice.

More About Matthew

Like most humans, I'm interested in lots of disparate things outside of my work. Some favorites includes: tea, trees, public libraries, public transportation, cameras, walking, open-source software, writing, gardens, parks, baking bread, language, physical books, small video games, weird video games, old video games, and pizza.

I also keep a pubic reading log, which might be of note.


I'm pretty well out on for-profit social media, but I'm quite happily on Mastodon and you're warmly invited to walk over there and say hello. It's nice.

For questions, proposals, and hellos, send an email to [email protected].


Feedback is OK. 👍

This website is meant to be accessible to everyone. If something is broken or causing a problem, it's almost certainly a mistake. I will always appreciate someone taking the time to make me aware of my mistakes.

About this website

This is a static website (a collection of HTML and CSS files), generated by Zola, hosted by Netlify, and mirrored on GitHub Pages.

Anonymous page-view statistics of limited accuracy are provided by Cloudflare. Why collect anything at all? Well, it is sometimes useful to know if particular parts of the site are receiving uncommon amounts of traffic. That's all, no secret reasons.


And why does this website exist? You can read its official stated purpose, but a simple answer is that making websites is fun, so why not? The Web is for everyone, even me and even you.