0013 Giant

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A few blocks from a little restaurant that perhaps invented the hamburger1 and a short walk from another restaurant that probably created the white, clam pizza2 there is a rectangular 12-story residential tower.

On the top floor of that tower, there is a small apartment with a large, northwest-facing window. Being a relatively tall building in the comparatively short city of New Haven, Connecticut, the view from that window does not find much competition. On clear days, limited only by the curvature of the Earth, the visibility stretches out past the parking lots and the centuries-old university offices.

Some days, in fact, it’s easy to find views of a state park that sits about ten miles north of the this large, northwest-facing window. A park named for its most prominent land feature, which from a certain angle, resembles a very large person lying down.

But, not from this angle. No, this angle only offers a glimpse of those hills, without humanizing them. From here they are simply a sloping, green foreground for the blue midday sky and the bright orange sunsets.

A colorful backdrop for a slice of canonical white, clam pizza.

  1. There are competing claims to this invention, but this one appears to be in good faith. Read more at Wikipedia ↩︎

  2. A pie topped with olive oil, oregano, cheese, garlic, and littleneck clams, is sometimes called New Haven-style. Read more at Wikipedia ↩︎

A northwest view from an apartment tower in New Haven, Connecticut. In the distance, beyond the city, the edge of a large, green hill.