This site provides a few Atom ↗ feeds for those who might want to access updates in that way.

What are feeds?

RSS and Atom are both kinds of feeds, but functionally, they achieve the same goal: allow readers to subscribe to a website and read its content in an application of their choice. A Gentle Intro to RSS ↗ by Derek Kedziora ↗ has a very nice explanation with a bit more detail.

Feed Readers

If you need some advice selecting a feed reader (an application that reads feeds), for Mac and iOS, both NetNewsWire ↗ (free) and Reeder ↗ (paid) are quite nice.

Feedbin ↗ (paid) and feedly ↗ (free) are nice, browser-based feed readers that will work on any platform.

Providing your own feeds

If you're looking for a concise, modern guide to providing a feed on your website, read RSS Feed Best Practises ↗ by Kevin Cox ↗.